Aluminum Bar

When you think of Aluminum bar, you should think of Howard Precision Metals.  From squares to rectangles to round diameters, Howard has the breadth of sizes to meet your aluminum requirements. 

We typically carry Sapa's Acc-u-bar®, or sometimes called manifold bar for our Aluminum square bars and flat bars.  In thickness over 1.00" and greater, it is produced to manifold quality specifications and tolerances.  Customer have come to love the plus side tolerances that this product offers as well as the higher strength and consistent grain structure that has proven for better machinability.

You will also find Sapa's Acc-u-rod® products Howard Precision Aluminum Bar Stock Inventoryoffered in most of our 6061 round bar stock.  The Acc-u-rod product offers improved diameter tolerances over standard Aluminum Association Specifications.

Howard Precision Aluminum Bar Inventory

Sapa's Acc-u-line® family of products are preferred by the elite machine shops for their consistency in tolerance and machinability part after part. For an Aluminum extruded  bar designed for machining, call it out by name.





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