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Alca 5

In 2007, the Howard’s realized that our customers needed a Mic-6® alternative that offered better anodizing characteristics.  What you should know about the Howards is that they believe in the motto, “if I wouldn’t buy it myself, I won’t sell it to you”.  So the search began for a producer of cast plate that would meet the ridgid quality standards and product performance of Bob Howard.  After months of trialing other products, the Howard’s decided on a product called Alca-5®, produced in Canada, by a company called PCP Aluminum.  Alca-5® is a 5083 certified cast plate that has superior anodizing response and a density 5% less than Mic-6®, allowing for the purchase of 5% less weight per part.  Alca 5® cast precision plate is known for its exceptional dimensional stability by reducing internal stress and allowing for a completely uniform plate. This saves on costs that may typically be wasted on rough-milling, finishing, or re-works.  More importantly, PCP has proven to us since 2007 that they were right choice for our customers.  They continue to invest in technology and equipment that improves their product and brings more value to our customers.  Just recently they installed an additional milling line that can precision mill the surface of a plate up to 98″ wide in one pass.  Yes, I said one pass!!! Can you imagine a 98″ diameter machining head?  Trust me it is pretty amazing.

Typical applications are reference plates, fixtures, jigs, prototype molds, foundry match or backing plates, dial plates & machine side frames.

Alca 5® Cast Precision Plate Sizes:

Thickness: .250″ – 4″

Standard Widths: 48.5″/60.5″/72.5″/96.5″

Standard Lengths: 96.5″/120.5″/144.5″/289″

(Other sizes available upon request)  The maximum size it can be produced to is 98″ x 289″, however shipping would sure pose some challenges.

All plates in Alca 5® are coated with a labeled protective plastic film on both sides.

Cast Tool & Jig Plate, CT & J Plate, or Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate.

Is known by various trade names in the industry:

Mic 6® a registered trademark of Aloca Inc (Sold by Howard)
Alca 5 a registered trademark of PCP Aluminum (Sold by Howard)
Alpase K100-S® is a registered trademark of TST, Inc (Flatness not equal)
Vista Metals ATP 5 is a registered trademark of Vista Metals Corp.
Alimex ACP 5080 is a registered trademark of Alimex, Germany™.

How to Purchase Alca-5®:

To purchase Alca 5® cast precision plates, fill out a Request for Quote form. You can also read or download our Alca 5 brochure in PDF format for more information.

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