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Aluminum Precision Sawing Services from a Highly Experienced Provider

For over eight decades, we at Howard Precision Metals have strived to supply quality products and excellent customer service. Since our inception, we have grown into an aluminum supply company serving a wide variety of industries. As expert aluminum suppliers, we fully understand the unique properties of aluminum, and can therefore fill orders to our customers’ exact specifications. Additionally, we actively take measures to stay current with the aluminum industry, and implement only the latest technologies in precision sawing and the creation of extruded aluminum shapes, bars, and rolled aluminum plate.

The Right Tools for Any Project

We use the very best tools available to give all our clients the highest quality cutting service possible. Whether it is cutting a straight edge or removing an inner section, you can rely on us to cut your metal correctly, first time every time. As aluminum cutting is our main area of business, we’re not only highly experienced in cutting Aluminum extrusions of all shapes and sizes; we also have the right ring/circle saws and other high grade tools to produce excellent results. Our extrusion saws can work with a material thicknesses between .063” to 8.00” and material widths of up to 24”. Our circle saws are capable of handling material with diameters anywhere from 8” to 64”, enabling us to take on many different projects quickly and effectively.

A Company that Believes in Customer Service

Most of our clients turn to us for their metal cutting needs again and again. We provide a customizable, professional service that’s geared towards strong customer relationships and exemplary results. To find out more about what we can offer or to discuss a project you have in mind, call us now at (800)-444-0311 

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