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M-1 is an aluminum mold plate designed and developed specifically for the plastic and molding industries.It is an extrordinairily dense, dimensionally stable, high strength aluminum plate created especially for the growing high-temperature plastic and mold industries. M-1 lowers production costs through machinability advantages.

M-1 product features and benefits:

  • Density – A tight grain structure ensures that there is no porosity.
  • Stability – Unlike wrought alloys,  the M-1 remains dimensionally stable during machining.
  • Hardness– High brinell hardness throughout the plate
  • Cost Effective – More cost effective than tool steel or wrought aluminum molds.
  • Weldable – It’s high mechanical properties make the M-1 more weldable without any additional heat treatment, unlike wrought alloys.
  • Machinable – M-1 is more machinable than other aluminum products with consistant hardness throughout the entire plate.
  • Anodizable – M-1 can be hardcoat anodized or nickel coated.

M-1 can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Injection Molding – M-1 aluminum is used for mold applications where 1 to 12 cavities are required. M-1 has a faster cool-down rate, therefore increasing productivity and reducing overall costs.
  • Blow Molding – M-1 can be used for blow molding because of its high Brinell hardness.
  • Structural Foam Molding – M-1 is made perfectly for structural foam molding due to its high dimensional stability.
  • R.I.M. Molding – The high thermal fatigue properties of M-1 aluminum mold plate make it the top choice for  R.I.M molding.
  • R.T.M. Molding – M-1 is good for R.T.M. molds because of its versatile combination of weldability, polishability, hardness, and thermal fatigue resistance.
  • Rubber Molds – The dense structure of the M-1 aluminum make it a great choice for rubber molds.

How to purchase M-1 Aluminum:

To purchase M-1, fill out a Request for Quote form. You can also learn more by downloading the M-1 aluminum mold plate brochure available in PDF format for easy download.

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