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Wrought Aluminum Plate & Sheet Stock List

Howard Precision Metals Stocks Quality Aluminum Products

At Howard Precision Metals, we stock both standard Aluminum Association tolerance 6061 T651 aluminum plate and 6061 T651 aluminum plate that meets Precision Plate® specifications.  These precision plate tolerances guarantee  1/2 commercial ans all on the plus side for thickness tolerances along with .060” short span flatness tolerances. Other products that meet these same specifications are Type 200 Tooling Plate® and M-61®

Our 7075 and 2024 plate products are typically stocked with a plus side thickness tolerance as well which is not standard to most distributors, but because our customer base is mostly using these alloys for machining applications, we stock it oversize on the thickness.

Material certifications are available on all plate material in house, including every random piece on our Random Rack.

Typically stocked in 48.5 x 144.5 and 60.5 x 144.5.

Additional alloys, thicknesses, sizes, and tempers are also available but may require a mill minimum and the current mill lead time.

Multiple vendor base allows us to handle non-standard requirements quickly and efficiently.

Detailed inventory of every plate drop is available for quick delivery requirements.

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