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Aluminum alloy 7075, which was initially developed entirely in secret and used in the production of aircraft for the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII, has remained the mainstay 7XXX series alloy for aerospace and aircraft industries since its introduction into the United States market by Alcoa in 1943.

The main alloying element in 7075 is zinc. 7075 was the first Al-Zn-Mg-Cu high-strength alloy that utilized the addition of chromium as an alloying element, resulting in good stress-corrosion cracking resistance for sheet products. Although 7075 Aluminum has no weldability, a low level of corrosion resistance and only offers average performance this alloy offers considerable fatigue strength. With a high strength-to-density ratio, 7075 alloys are often used in applications such as rock climbing equipment, hang glider airframes, and military rifles. Not surprisingly, 7075 aluminum is still considered the go-to alloy for the aircraft and aerospace industries today.

If you are looking for 7075 T651 aluminum we are here for you. With more than ninety years of successful metals distribution under our belt, the aluminum experts at Howard Precision Metals have acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the properties of aluminum and truly understand how aluminum will perform when used in a wide range of industries. We are the preferred 7075 aluminum plate suppliers for a number of aircraft and aerospace companies, as well as providing 7075 T6 aluminum to companies in the engineering, energy, automotive and construction industries. No matter what the nature of your project, we have the 7075 T651 aluminum for sale that you need.

7075 aluminum is well-known for its fatigue resistance. An economical choice for applications where frequent movement, pressure changes or other stresses are likely to be a regular feature, the 7075 aluminum alloy is a preferred choice for everything from bicycle parts to firearms.

7075 Aluminum Applications

In terms of strength, 7075 Aluminum is near the top of the list among aluminum alloys manufactured for the needs of consumer and industrial markets. Among other 7XXX alloys, alloy 7075 exists as a standard with a solid mix of properties suitable for aircraft and aerospace applications. In particular, this alloy utilized in various forms, including as 7075 aluminum bar, is well-suited for use in parts that endure high stress levels. The strength properties of alloy 7075 are beneficial for the manufacture of items such as aircraft structures, military grade rifles, bicycle parts and equipment, and plastic industry molds.

7075 T651 Aluminum

An aluminum alloy best suited for aerospace and aviation applications is 7075 T651. This tempered alloy has a high tensile strength which makes it particularly applicable for certain high-strength applications.

7075 T6 Sheet and Other Aluminum Components Made to Your Exact Requirements

As well as offering a selection of products which are ready for immediate use, we also offer high-speed, precision sawing of all our aluminum products and can hold tolerances as close as ±.005”. With more aluminum saws under one roof than any other aluminum distributor in the Mid-west, our company has sufficient capacity to deliver larger orders within a tight time frame. Because we are niche specialists in the aluminum market, we heavily invest in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of our equipment in addition to employing only the very best, highly-skilled, operators. This intense focus on our equipment and our team allows us to provide only premium results.

Sizes Available and Specs

At Howard Precision, we stock 7075 aluminum in thicknesses ranging from .125” and up through 8.0” thicknesses. Master widths are available in 48.5” or 60.5”, and are both widths are stocked in lengths of 144.5”. All of our 7075 T651 aluminum plate meets ASTM B209, QQA 250/12, and AMS 4045 specifications. All pieces of aluminum supplied to you by Howard Precision Metals is certified and fully traceable back to the master plate. Please ask us about specific plates and compliance issues with any specialty aircraft or specific industry specifications.

7050 T7451

In addition to stocking 7075 T6 and 7075 T651 aluminum, we also offer various thicknesses of 7050 T7451. Please inquire about availability of 7050 aluminum with one of our aluminum experts today.

Purchasing 7075 Aluminum

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