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What is the Difference Between Extruded Aluminum and Cast Aluminum?
Aluminum extrusions offer the customer a near net shape that requires minimal machining in order to finish a part. Aluminum extrusions are easily machined and have higher strength than castings. You can count on the...
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What is Cast Tool & Jig Plate?
Jig plate, cast tool and jig plate, CT&J, cast plate, and cast tooling plate are all names by which end customers refer the various trademarked product lines of aluminum cast plate products. Each producing mill...
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What is Manifold Quality Aluminum Bar?
Manifold quality aluminum bar is an extruded product with improved tolerances and characteristics that make is a preferred choice for a multitude of applications. First and most notably, all the manifold quality bar stock supplied...
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Things to Consider When Choosing an Aluminum Grade
Aluminum is available in an extensive range of alloys, tempers, and products. Because of aluminum’s versatility, the aluminum alloy and product required will vary from project to project. At Howard Precision Metals, we offer an...
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Qualities That Make Aluminum Ideal for Manufacturing
Aluminum is a vital material used in various types of construction, manufacturing, architectural design applications. Because of aluminum’s unique qualities, it is the optimum choice for everything from the most basic shapes to the most...
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Near Net Shape Manufacturing & Custom Aluminum Extrusions
What is Near Net Shape Manufacturing? Near Net Shape (NNS) refers to the manufacturing technique by which the initial production of an item results in an end product very close to the shape of the...
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An Aluminum Supply Company Provides Aluminum Processing and Finishing Services
Anyone in the metals industry knows that aluminum is a versatile, readily available, easy to machine, and attractively priced material. A trusted aluminum supply company, Howard Precision Metals, is in the business of helping companies...
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Aluminum Precision Sawing Expertise for Various Project Requirements
When accuracy is your top priority, Howard Precision Metals is the aluminum supply company to turn to for all of your aluminum precision sawing requirements. We are a 100 percent aluminum supplier, having made significant...
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7075-T651 Aluminum: Properties and Applications
If you are in the market for 7075-T651 aluminum, or another grade aluminum alloy, it is essential to purchase from an aluminum supplier with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. At Howard Precision Metals,...
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Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate – Characteristics and Applications
High-grade, critical machine applications are able to make use of cast aluminum tooling plate. It is highly viable for machining operations due to its surface smoothness, dimensional stability and precision machined plate thickness. A number...
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Aluminum Rectangular Bar – Brands, Equipment, and the Right Supplier
At Howard Precision Metals Inc., we stock a comprehensive and inclusive selection of extruded 6061 aluminum bar sizes, which includes a vast number of aluminum rectangular bar sizes. Our commitment is to provide you with...
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Buy Aluminum Square Bar from the Best
Are you operating a machine shop that needs to have high quality aluminum square bar that's Are you manufacturing equipment and require the best aluminum for the in-house machining that you do? If so, you...
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