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Aluminum Cast Tool & Jig Plate List

Special Feature of Howard Precision Metal’s Cast Aluminum Plate

Cast aluminum tool & jig plate has a thickness tolerance of +/-.005, a machined surface for superior flatness, and PVC plastic protection on two sides. Howard offers both Alcoa’s Mic 6® and PCP’s ALCA 5® cast plate from stock.

Certified mill test reports are available for Alca 5® plate and Nominal certs are available for Mic 6® plate

They are typically stocked in 48.5 and 60.5 wide x 144.5.  However, ALCA 5® can be produced up to 96″ x 288″, if you are looking for extra wide Aluminum plate.   In addition to American sizes we now stock 6 standard metric thicknesses.  They are 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm & 30mm thickness options in Mic-6®.

Cast aluminum tool and jig plate can be special ordered to any custom thickness, width, or length with a minimum run of only 2000# and lead time of approximately 3 weeks.

Our multiple vendor base allows us to handle non-standard requirements quickly and efficiently.

Detailed inventory of every plate drop is available for quick delivery requirements.

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