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Mic 6 Aluminum

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Stability is the defining characteristic of MIC 6® Aluminum. Only MIC 6® is cast to near net thickness with a stress-relieved, granular structure to virtually eliminate distortion from machining and end use temperature fluctuations.

The manufacturing of the MIC 6® is the most advanced process in the cast plate industry. It promotes consistency between plates and reduces the risk of disrupting material stability by entrapped stress. The optimum in molten metal cleanliness has been achieved by the continuous application of SNIF degassing and impurity removal technology to every MIC 6® plate that is cast.

MIC 6® allows for down-stream processing with precise control of tolerances and dimensions. MIC 6® is a free cutting aluminum alloy that produces small, uniform chips in a variety of high speed operations.

MIC 6® customers can perform extensive machining routines involving metal removal with minimal risk of distortion, often exceeding the product accuracy requirements of the most demanding uses.

MIC 6® can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Aircraft Tooling
  • Automotive Tooling
  • Base Plates, Side Plates, Indexing Tables
  • CNC Routing Tables
  • Chip Printers
  • Circuit Printers
  • Dielectrics

To see the the expanded list of applications, read or download our MIC 6 brochure available in PDF format.

Cast Tool & Jig Plate, CT & J Plate, or Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate is known by various names in the industry:

  • Mic 6® a registered trademark of Arconic Inc (Sold by Howard)
  • Alca 5 a registered trademark of PCP Aluminum (Sold by Howard)
  • Alpase K100-S® is a registered trademark of TST, Inc (Flatness not equal)
  • Vista Metals ATP 5 is a registered trademark of Vista Metals Corp.
  • Alimex ACP 5080™ is a registered trademark of Alimex, Germany.
  • Formodal 030™ is a registered trademark of Bikar Metal of Germany.

How to Purchase MIC 6®:

Cast tool and jig plate has a thickness tolerance of +/-.005, a machined surface for superior flatness, and PVC plastic on two sides. Howard offers Alcoa’s Mic 6® cast plate from stock.

Nominal certs are available for Mic-6® plate, which is produced in standard 36.5, 48.5, & 60.5 inch widths x 144.5 inch long. The maximum width Mic-6® can be produced to is 60.5″ wide, due to it’s continuous casting manufacturing method. Mic-6® cast plate can be special ordered to a custom thickness, width, or length with a minimum run of only 2000# and lead time of approximately 3 weeks. At Howard Precision, we not only carry US standard thicknesses, but also a nice selection of metric thicknesses in our standard stock, please see our stock list for available MM Mic 6 sizes.

To purchase Mic 6 please fill out a Request for Quote form. You can also view or download our Mic 6 brochure available in PDF format.

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