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How to Choose a Good Aluminum Distributor

If you’re a staple in an industry that frequently uses aluminum to complete machining, structural, or architectural applications, your standards for a distributor are likely high. Aluminum suppliers are not created equally, and it’s important to look for qualities such as experience, fair rates, and timeliness. Whether you’re looking to purchase aluminum products for a recreational activity or an occupational project, you want nothing less than quality and dependability for your money.

Aluminum Expertise

One of the most important qualities an aluminum distributor should possess is in-depth knowledge of aluminum itself. Many companies store and ship aluminum, but aren’t fully familiar with its properties, which can lead to damage to products and customer dissatisfaction. Aluminum is a soft metal, and can easily become scratched and damaged if it’s stored or shipped next to harder metals, such as steel. A knowledgeable aluminum distributor will know the ins and outs of aluminum, including how to handle it properly. Choosing an experienced company will ensure your order is completed and shipped with the utmost care.

Complies with Your Budget

In addition, fair pricing is a factor you should consider when in the market for reliable aluminum distributors. Reasonable rates are always a plus, especially if you’re looking to buy aluminum in large quantities. Many aluminum suppliers offer a comprehensive selection of products, but if their prices are too steep and they offer few discounts, it can be problematic buying the quantities you need. It’s essential to choose a company whose focus is on providing high quality products at competitive prices. This way, you’ll have the room on your budget to buy a suitable number of the products you require.

Price is not the same as cost

As a purchasing professional, I am sure you have heard this many times: A good supplier doesn’t just understand their business, they understand yours as well. When purchasing Aluminum there are many ways to take out cost. Buying material precision saw cut to size can eliminate potential downstream machining processes in your operation. Buying a custom extruded section can take weight out of the raw material part as well as reducing machining operations. Both situations may cost more on the front end, but actually cost less when considering the overall picture. If you are not dealing with a supplier that is talking about these options, you should be.

Speedy & Professional

Good suppliers can be relied upon for prompt service. As a customer, you expect to receive your order within a reasonable time-frame, but more importantly, you expect to get it on the day it was promised. A professional supplier follows through with their commitment. The last thing you need is a supplier that doesn’t understand your business, or what it is costing you to have a piece of equipment sitting idle waiting for material to arrive that never did. Worthwhile distributors have the inventory, information tools, and customer service people to complete even the most complex orders quickly, efficiently and accurately. With the right supplier, you will feel confident that your parts will be ordered and filled to the correct specifications, packaged appropriately, and be delivered on time.

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