Aluminum Mold Plate List

Developed exclusively by Alpase and introduced in 1988, M-1® is an extraordinarily dense, dimensionally stable, high strength (without heat treatment) aluminum plate designed especially for the growing high-temp plastic and mold industries. More cost-effective than wrought aluminum plate and tool steel, M-1® lowers real-time production costs through machinability advantages. Tool steels are too hard — wrought alloys are too soft and gummy. All increase tool costs and machine time, except M-1®.

Typically stocked in at HPM in 63″ x 150″ up to 10” thick.

Available from Alpase as large as 30” thick, up to 74″ wide, up to 220” long amd 19 x 88 x 196. Overall capabilities are dependent on size.  This can be produced at the mill, cut to size, and shipped directly to you in typically 7-10 working days.

M-1® is rough machined, eliminating the process of truing up the plate before you begin machining your mold cavity.

M-1® maintains its mechanical properties after welding without additional heat treatment and eliminates the soft heat affected zone that other alloys have after welding.

M-5® is also available from Alpase on a direct ship basis.  It is capable of being cast up to 19″ x 88″ x 196″

Detailed inventory of every M-1® plate drop is available for quick delivery requirements.



M-1® Mold Plate

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