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Comprehensive Selection of Aluminum Products

For over eight decades, we at Howard Precision Metals have strived to supply quality products and excellent customer service. Since our inception, we have grown into an aluminum supply company serving a wide variety of industries. As expert aluminum suppliers, we fully understand the unique properties of aluminum, and can therefore fill orders to our customers’ exact specifications. Additionally, we actively take measures to stay current with the aluminum industry, and implement only the latest technologies in precision sawing and the creation of extruded aluminum shapes, bars, and rolled aluminum plate.

Expertise as an Aluminum Distributor and Supplier

In accordance with providing superior customer service from shore to shore, Howard Precision Metals offers only the highest quality products supplied directly from globally recognized Aluminum producers. Meeting customer requests as an aluminum distributor and aluminum supplier, as well as offering custom aluminum extrusions with precision sawing, requires an in-depth understanding of aluminum itself. Our professionals onsite and in the field, handle our material with the utmost care, using state-of-the-art precision saws and handling equipment which makes us one of the top aluminum distributors located in Milwaukee, WI while serving the entire United States.


We invite you to our Milwaukee, WI office to “see what we saw”.

Inclusive Inventory such as Alca 5 and Mic 6 and much more

Howard Precision is a 100% aluminum distributor and supplier, thus provides a wide range of certified products, including cast aluminum tooling plate and plate drops, aluminum jig plate, M1 aluminum mold plate, 7075, 7050, 2024, 6061, Aluminum plate for sale and an expansive range of aluminum bar stock sizes. Regardless of the size or diameter you need, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our aluminum round stock, aluminum flat stock, aluminum square stock, and aluminum rectangular stock inventory. Whether you’re in need of an aluminum plate suppliers for an Alca-5 or Mic-6 cast aluminum plate, or aluminum extrusion suppliers for custom extrusion shapes, look no further than Howard Precision Metals.

Aluminum Plate & Bars Alloys, Mic 6, 7075, 2024 and 7050

Howard Precision is a leading aluminum supplier for over 90 years in the Midwest. We carry a comprehensive selection of aluminum bars, including aluminum round bar, aluminum square bar, aluminum rectangular bar with manifold quality tolerances in 6061 T6511. The alloys we inventory for quick turnaround consists of Mic 6 (aka cast aluminum plate), Alca 5, 6061, 7075, 2024, and 7050. As a leading supplier and recognized premier aluminum distributor, our educated staff is here to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

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